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Irises are real easy garden plants and are ideal for the border, garden or planter. We have the most beautiful varieties such as the Ensata, Germanica and Siberica immediately available. Available in the most beautiful flower colors from blue, yellow to even black.

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Iris Plants for your garden

Irises are grown for their unique and colourful flowers and lush green upright, sword shaped leaves and will tower over your garden with a rainbow of colours!. We supply top quality Iris Rhizomes. 

Bearded or beardless

Beardless Irises have no hairs or crests on their falls. Siberian Iris otherwise known as Iris sibirica, Iris Louisiana, Iris ensata and Iris Laevigata are all beardless Irises.
Bearded Irises have beards of coloured hairs along the centre of each fall. They’re also known as Iris germanica. Iris Pumila is also a bearded Iris.

Iris varieties

There are many types of iris, including the large garden irises. They are very strong and easy-going perennials, with large, colorful flowers, often with several tones on the same flower. Blue and purplish tones are the most common, but there are colours that extends to yellows, oranges, pinks, reds, etc. The flowers are sometimes pleasantly scented. The foliage, bluish green, sword-shaped, is also decorative and participates in the setting of the garden outside the flowering period, which occurs in May-June.

How to plant Iris plants

Irises are sold as dry bulbs, known as rhizomes. Iris grow easily in ordinary soil, even dry and limestone, in full sun and in a bright light situation. Beware of soils that are too heavy and too clayey, keeping too much water in the winter, the bulbs may rot. Planting is done from September to May, with a fall planting being preferable.

Japanese Iris (ensata)

The Iris ensata is the Japanese iris and have nothing to do with our classic garden irises. They live in the sun or in the shade, in cool to wet soils. There are many cultivars with pink, violet, blue, white flowers. Often grown on the banks of pools and ponds, Iris ensata like many wet plants, can live (with there feet) in the water during the summer. 

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